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When Using A Car Battery Life Considerations
Mar 29, 2017

1. Battery disuse, it will slowly discharge themselves until scrapped. Therefore, every time you should start a car, charge up the battery. Another strategy is to use two electrodes to pull down on the battery, be aware that from the electrode columns disconnect the positive and negative electrode cables, disconnect the negative cable first, or remove the negative electrodes and connected to the car chassis. Then pull with positive sign (+) to the other end of the battery has a certain life, a certain period of time to be replaced. Replacement has to follow the same order, butat the time of the electrode cable is connected up, order, on the contrary, positiveand negative.

2. If ammeter pointer displayed when storage capacity is insufficient, to recharge.Battery capacity can be reflected in the instrument panel. Sometimes found in theway electricity is running out, and stalling of the engine won't start, as an interim measure, you can turn to other vehicles, the battery-powered vehicles in their vehicles, will be connected to two battery anode and cathode, anode and cathode are connected.

3. The electrolyte density in accordance with the different areas and different seasons according to the adjusted standards.

4. Lose electrolyte or distilled water should be added when special fluid replacement. Do not use pure drinking water instead. Contains a variety of trace elements inpure water, the battery will cause adverse effects.

5. When you start the car, uninterrupted use of launch opportunities lead to battery damage due to excessive discharge. Correct way is to use each time you start the car with a total length of not more than 5 seconds, restart interval of not less than 15 seconds. In the case of many still starts the car from the circuit, other aspectssuch as the ignition coil or circuit to find the cause.

6. The daily driving time should always check whether the battery cover holes on ventilation. If the battery cover holes are stuck, producing hydrogen and oxygen exhaust not out, electrolyte expands, it will put the battery case bursting, affect the battery life.

7. Inspect the battery positive and negative levels for any signs of oxidation. Wireconnections can often poured in hot water battery