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UPS Battery Use Precautions
Jun 02, 2017

UPS battery installation is simple, but also pay attention to some problems, installed, the use of the need to pay attention to some matters.

UPS is called an uninterrupted battery because it can quickly switch to an "inverting" state because of a power outage, so that the computer in use will not lose important files because of a sudden power outage. Not used as a backup power supply, if you just want to power when the power can be used to buy the inverter is enough. UPS Battery General household UPS used in most, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. UPS battery is used as a storage device for the UPS, which consists of several batteries in series, UPS Battery the size of its capacity to determine the discharge (power supply) time.

Ordinary backup, online interactive or backup / ferromagnetic UPS will not have ripple current, other design of the UPS will produce different sizes of ripple current, which depends on the specific design method. UPS Battery Just check the structure of the UPS will be able to know whether the UPS ripple current. If the on-line UPS battery is between the charger and the inverter, then the battery will have ripple current, which is the ordinary "double conversion" UPS. If the cutoff diode, relay, converter or rectifier to isolate the battery and the inverter, then the ups battery will not have ripple current. Of course this design of the UPS is not always "online", UPS Battery so this UPS is called "hybrid backup / online" UPS.

Battery is the most unreliable part of the UPS system, but the UPS design is a direct impact on the reliability of the battery. Keep the UPS battery in a state of charge (even if the UPS shut down) to extend the battery life, try to avoid the use of high battery voltage UPS. Some UPS design will make the battery ripple current, resulting in unnecessary overheating of the battery. Most of the batteries used by UPS are similar, UPS Battery but different UPS design will greatly affect the battery life.

Always observe the following when installing a UPS battery:

Do not install UPS batteries in the vicinity of sealed spaces or fire, otherwise there is a risk of explosion and fire;

Do not use ethylene film type may cause static electricity to cover the UPS battery, UPS Battery resulting in static electricity sometimes cause an explosion;

Do not install UPS batteries wherever possible. Otherwise, there is danger of electric shock and fire.

Please do not install UPS batteries in the -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C environment;

Do not use the battery in a dusty place, otherwise it may cause the UPS battery to short circuit;

When the battery into the box to use, pay attention to air circulation;