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UPS Battery Sealing Performance Is Good
Aug 28, 2017

The most important feature of UPS battery is stability, the best is the most stable: sealed valve type lead-acid UPS battery.

UPS battery is an important part of UPS system, its quality is directly related to the reliability of the whole UPS system, however, UPS battery is the shortest time (MTBF) in the whole UPS system.

UPS battery types generally can be divided into valve-controlled sealed lead-acid UPS batteries, colloid batteries. Valve-controlled sealed lead-acid UPS battery is widely used in all kinds of UPS power supply because of its small size, good sealing performance and minimal maintenance.

Colloid battery is a kind of development classification of lead-acid UPS battery, UPS Battery the simplest method is to add the gelling agent in sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid electro-hydraulic into colloidal state.

The UPS battery Capacity (AH) is the product of a constant current value (A) and a continuous discharge time (h) at a given time, at a standard ambient temperature of 1.80V termination voltage.

After some basic parameters of the UPS host are known and the UPS Battery brand is determined, it is possible to calculate the capacity and model of the UPS battery by the power shaping method or the current shaping method based on the constant power Discharge data table field value in the UPS Battery brand sample data. The power setting method is simpler and the UPS battery model can be selected quickly and accurately according to the UPS battery constant power discharge parameter table. UPS Battery We can find the power value equal to or slightly greater than p in the constant power discharge parameter table provided by the factory UT, which can meet the requirements of UPS system.

The current shaping method is based on the constant exile curve of a brand UPS battery to determine the capacity and model of UPS battery. UPS battery life has two measures, one is the floating life, that is, UPS Battery in the standard temperature and continuous floating state,

UPS battery can release the maximum capacity is not less than 80% of the rated capacity of the number of years used, the second is 80% depth cycle charge and discharge times, that is, UPS Battery full capacity battery discharge rated capacity of 80% and then full of electricity, so can be recycled.

According to the single energy-saving pressure, the 12v/section, 6v/section, 4v/section and 2v/section are four kinds of different forms. From the economic point of view, UPS normal operating voltage is certain, the choice of the battery single section voltage higher, the battery pack used in series batteries less, UPS Battery the price of the kit battery is cheaper.

In UPS system, UPS battery also plays the role of filter, which is impacted by UPS input ripple voltage and ripple current. If the selected UPS battery is less capable of withstanding ripple coefficients, and the ripple coefficients are relatively large, the UPS battery will fail prematurely and cause an inability to discharge.

Theoretically speaking, UPS battery voltage, resistance, UPS Battery life and other performance should be consistent, can be infinitely many groups of parallel to achieve the required capacity.