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UPS Battery Routine Maintenance
Aug 04, 2017

UPS battery is an important part of UPS, occupy a large proportion of the value, and its quality is directly related to the normal use of UPS, UPS Battery it should be carefully selected quality assurance of genuine UPS batteries. Common UPS batteries are Panasonic, Hercules, TOYO Toyo and so on.

About UPS battery storage

1, keep in mind when the temperature should not exceed -20 ℃ ~ +40 ℃ range

2, the battery must be kept in the state of charge when the battery is kept. UPS Battery Due to the transport or storage period due to self-discharge will lose part of the capacity, please use when the recharge.

3, long-term custody, UPS Battery in order to make up for self-discharge during storage, please add electricity. In the case of more than 40C custody, the battery life has a bad effect, please avoid!

4, in a dry low temperature, well ventilated place for custody.

5, such as in the custody or transfer process, UPS Battery the battery pack is inadvertently water wet, should immediately remove the packaging carton, in order to avoid the water wet cardboard box

The conductor causes the battery to discharge or burn the positive terminal.

On the daily inspection and maintenance of UPS batteries

1, regular inspection of the battery, if found to be dust and other appearance of pollution, please use water or warm water soaked cloth for cleaning. Do not use gasoline, UPS Battery banana water and other organic solvents or oil for cleaning, please avoid the use of chemical fiber cloth.

2, the float, the battery charge during the total voltage or indicating the voltmeter on the plate when the target value deviation from the table below the baseline value (± 0.05V / single cell) should investigate the cause and deal with.