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UPS Battery Is Very Important
Aug 16, 2017

UPS battery power applications commonly used in the UPS battery battery a total of three: including open liquid lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries, nickel-chromium batteries.

UPS battery is an important external device that can provide continuous, stable, uninterrupted power supply.

In principle, UPS battery is a set of digital and analog circuits, UPS Battery automatic control inverter and maintenance-free storage devices in one of the power electronic equipment;

Functionally speaking, UPS battery can be abnormal in the mains, the effective purification of electricity; can also be a sudden interruption in the city power for a certain period of time to the computer and other equipment power supply, so you can have plenty of time to cope with;

From the use of information, with the advent of information society, UPS batteries are widely used in information collection, transmission, processing, UPS Battery storage to the application of all aspects of the importance of information applications with the increasing importance of increasing The

According to IDC statistics: 45% of all computer failures are caused by power problems. In China, the average number of blackouts in large cities is 0.5 times / month, medium cities for 2 times / month, small cities or villages and towns for 4 times / month, the grid there are at least nine problems: power, lightning spikes, surges, frequency Shock, voltage mutation, voltage fluctuation, frequency drift, voltage drop, pulse interference; UPS Battery therefore from the perspective of improving the quality of power to the computer with a UPS battery is very necessary.

In addition, the sophisticated network equipment and communication equipment is not allowed to intermittent power to the server as the core of the network center to be equipped with UPS battery is self-evident, even a regular computer, the use of three months after the data Files and other software values have exceeded the hardware value, so to prevent data loss and equipped with UPS battery is also very necessary. UPS battery battery classification This UPS battery according to the working principle is divided into backup, UPS Battery online and online interactive three categories.

Among them, we are most commonly used backup UPS batteries, such as the four series HO series and SD series. It has an automatic voltage regulator, power protection and other UPS battery is the most important and most important function. Although there are generally about 10ms conversion time, UPS Battery the inverter AC output is square wave rather than sine wave, but because of its simple structure and has the advantages of cheap price and high reliability, it is widely used in computer, peripheral, POS and other fields.

On-line UPS battery structure is more complex, but the performance is perfect, can solve all power problems. Such as the four-way PS series, the salient feature is able to continue to interrupt the output of pure sine wave alternating current, to solve the spikes, surges, frequency drift and all the power problems; UPS Battery due to the need for greater investment, usually used in key equipment and network Center and so on the power requirements of the environment.