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UPS Battery Ensures Data Is Not Lost
Sep 27, 2017

UPS Battery is a standby power supply, is a computer or other computer products dispensable power equipment, generally used in enterprises is very extensive, its function is equivalent to rechargeable batteries, the computer may face a sudden power outage and power supply of a security equipment. For example, UPS Battery a sudden power outage, the computer can automatically switch to UPS power supply, so that the computer can still work properly to ensure that the computer is operating important data is not lost.

Professional said, UPS battery refers to uninterruptible power supply, English full name: Uninterruptible electric System. UPS Battery is an uninterruptible power supply with constant voltage constant frequency, UPS Battery which contains energy storage device and inverter as main component. It is mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply to single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment. When the mains input is normal, UPS will supply the mains voltage after the use of the load, at this time the UPS is an AC mains voltage regulator (WWW. PC841. com Computer Pepsi Network), while it also to the inside of the battery charging; UPS Battery when the mains is interrupted (the outage), the UPS immediately converts the power of the battery in the machine, The inverter is used to continue to supply 220V alternating current to the load, to keep the load working properly and to protect the load soft and hardware from damage. UPS devices usually provide protection for voltages over and too low.

UPS battery and ordinary battery is not the same, because the battery product power is mainly direct use of DC computers, such as the use of electricity in the notebook is converted into the mainstream of AC power, and then filled into the internal storage of the battery, use of direct current. But UPS is different, UPS power supply mode is to convert AC to DC first, then stored in the energy storage equipment, UPS Battery but when it is used to convert direct current into AC power directly for equipment use, do not understand the power principle or unfamiliar with the electronic products of friends may not know, UPS Battery but we just need to know that it is different from the general principle of the battery can , but functionally similar.

What is the effect of UPS battery?

UPS batteries are mainly used in some more important occasions, for the simplest example, we often go to Internet cafes, many times will also encounter a sudden blackout situation, UPS Battery but careful friends will find that the Cashier billing computer is still in use after the blackout, and can calculate how long we have been online for settlement consumption. In fact, UPS Battery the cashier computer here will use the UPS battery, because the customer's Internet time and cost data is very important, not because of power outages caused all users to lose Internet information.