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UPS Batteries Need To Be Charged Every 3-6 Months
Jun 15, 2017

UPS battery as a shopping mall, supermarkets, banks, base stations and other large companies back-up energy storage power has a top priority of the transcendent position, in addition to the protection of equipment to protect the power of the function, but also shoulder the role of regulation. So there is a UPS battery to make our work and daily life well orderly. But often overlooked maintenance, UPS Battery it is believed that the UPS battery is maintenance-free, without attention, thereby reducing the UPS's life.

UPS battery at room temperature under normal conditions and normal use, the general sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery float life of 3-5 years. But a lot of human factors will make UPS battery life greatly shortened. Visible UPS battery does not have reasonable maintenance will affect the normal life of adw, UPS Battery so there are a few things to note.

1 battery use the environment requires a temperature of 0 degrees to 40 degrees, to avoid direct sunlight and keep clean.

2 normal, the battery every 3-6 months charge, discharge once, after discharge standard machine charging time should be no less than 10 hours.

3UPS battery long-term idle do not have to be done every 3-6 months charge once.

UPS battery is the power of enterprise data center to ensure that the continuity of power supply and security, always play an important role in security. Battery is an important part of the UPS, UPS Battery as the power to provide the final protection, is undoubtedly the last UPS battery insurance. According to the survey, the UPS battery can not be normal power supply caused by the data center accident more than 50% is caused by the battery failure, the battery is the UPS battery accident rate is high in a link, we can see that the battery is safe and reliable operation Necessity and urgency.

UPS battery generally lack the correct routine maintenance and accurate means of detection, which for the normal UPS power supply after a major security risks, some users usually wait until the accident occurred, only to know that the UPS battery failure can not be a normal power supply. How to improve the UPS battery battery monitoring and management tools and levels, reduce or eliminate the occurrence of battery accidents, no doubt for users with high economic value. Improve the safety and reliability of UPS battery operation, UPS Battery is currently plagued by the ubiquitous problems.