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Tips For Using UPS Batteries
Jul 25, 2017

UPS Battery as an important part of UPS, in the day-to-day use of the scientific use of UPS battery, can better and more effectively extend the use of UPS time, but also to play the most role. So how is the use of science?

1 control charge voltage, prevent over-voltage charge

For a battery with an end voltage of 12V, the normal floating charge is between the 5~13.8V. The floating charge is too low, the battery is full of discontent, UPS Battery the floating charge is too high, which will cause the overcharge. When the float charge is over 14V, it is considered to be over voltage charging. Over-pressure charging will cause the water in the electrolyte to be separated into hydrogen and oxygen, UPS Battery resulting in a shortened battery life.

2 control charge Current, prevent over-current charge

The ideal charging current should be phased in the way of charging, that is, at the beginning of the charge of a larger current, after a certain amount of time, to a smaller current, to the end of the charge to switch to a smaller current. The charging current is generally designed to be 0.1C when the charging current exceeds 0.3C can be considered over-current charging. UPS Battery Over-current charging will cause the battery plate to bend, the active material to fall off, the battery damaged.

3 Prevent UPS Battery overcurrent discharge

The actual capacity of the battery is related to the discharge current. The larger the discharge current, the lower the efficiency of the battery. For example, the 12v/24ah battery when the discharge current is 0.4C, the time of discharge to the termination voltage is 1 hours 50 minutes, UPS Battery the actual output capacity of the. 6Ah, efficiency of 73.3%. When the discharge current is 7C, the time of discharge to termination voltage is only 20s, the actual output capacity is 0.93Ah, efficiency is 3.9%. Therefore, large current discharge should be avoided to improve the efficiency of the battery. General circuit design and user selection load, UPS Battery all to protect UPS battery inverter discharge current does not exceed 2C.

4 to prevent deep discharge of UPS battery

Although small current discharge can improve the efficiency of the battery, but when the minimum current (less than 0.05C) long time discharge, will lead to the actual discharge capacity of the battery exceeds its rated capacity, resulting in serious battery depth discharges. According to the manufacturer's data, when the battery discharge depth is 100%, the actual service life of the battery is about $number times charge and discharge cycle, UPS Battery and the discharge depth is 50%, about $number charge and discharge cycle. Therefore, when using UPS, it is necessary to avoid overload over-current discharge, but also to avoid long time light load inverter caused by battery depth discharge.

5 Regular Operation Ups

Long-term power supply areas, the user to every certain time, such as 3 months, the artificial shutdown UPS AC input, the use of UPS battery inverter. UPS Battery This regular experimental operation helps to prolong battery life. Normally used ups, its battery life of not more than 5 years.