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The Role Of The Battery Indicator
Aug 04, 2017

When the car after the name or driving the lamp is still lit, it shows that the generator voltage is lower than the battery voltage, the generator does not work or power supply line failure, when the vehicle is driving the battery, as soon as possible to the repair shop repair Generator and charging lines

As with all batteries, if the battery is not charged, the car's 12-volt battery will eventually be dead, so the car has a built-in charging system. Battery indicator Most cars have alternators and voltage regulators for charging the battery while the engine is running and supplying power to the car. General alternator can output 500-1000 watts of electricity when needed.

Since the car is very dependent on the battery, so all the car dashboard has a battery indicator, used in the charging system when the failure to issue a warning. Battery indicator There is a simple circuit on the car that monitors the voltage generated by the alternator. If the voltage is low, turn on the battery indicator. The battery indicator light indicates that there is a problem with the battery charge. If the battery indicator light is on and always immortal when you are driving, the most common reason is that the alternator belt is broken and the other may be a serious failure of the AC engine.

The car can still operate normally when the battery light is on, Battery indicator because the car can continue to use the stored energy in the battery until the battery is running out. After running, any part of the car will not work. When the battery indicator is lit, Battery indicator you can still drive the car to the garage, which will not damage any parts. But you must rush to the garage before the battery runs out and the car goes out