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The Car Battery Is The Heart Of The Car
Sep 07, 2017

The main role of automotive battery: In the start of the car engine, to start the motor, ignition system and other equipment to power. In addition, when the engine does not run or the power generation system output can not meet the power of the electrical appliances, in a certain period of time for the use of electricity equipment. So the car battery is the heart of the car, select a good car battery is very important. Experts tell you how to select a good car battery: to meet the characteristics of strong and low stability. Strong start-up, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries can reduce engine wear, the number of start-up, prolong the service life Oh, start stability, durability to avoid lying on the car, ultra-low temperature start, bad weather can withstand temperature difference oh.

1. When the car starts, the car battery supplies power to the starter and the ignition system.

2. When the engine is running at low speed or idling, the generator can not meet the wear and tear of the electric equipment in the vehicle, sometimes it needs the supply of the car battery, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries and when the generator is overloaded, the car battery assists the generator to power the electric equipment.

3. In the middle and high speed operation of the engine, the car battery converts the power generated by the generator into chemical energy and is stored as a charge.

These 3 points are easier to understand, but in addition to the car battery also has an easy to ignore the role, that is, the car battery or a large capacitor, can absorb the instantaneous high voltage in the circuit, protect electronic components, maintain electrical system voltage stability. JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries But this function can only be guaranteed if the car battery is in good condition. If the majority of car owners understand these functions and the role of battery and pay attention to, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteriesnot only can improve the life of the car battery, but also in the use of the car more assured.

Automobile battery is one of the important electrical parts of automobile, its quality directly affects the running of automobile. Now the car batteries are 12 volts lead car batteries, with the development of modern industrial technology, car batteries have also changed greatly, at present some cars on the use of the new maintenance-free car batteries, is a rapid development and application of a new technology in the past ten years. JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries The function of the car battery is to provide the electric power of the motor and to adjust the unbalance between the generator output and the load, when the engine starts and all the electric equipments on the car need it to supply power. General car batteries are installed in the engine compartment, some in the trunk, under the seat, large vehicles even on the body bracket. In the car start-up moment, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries the car battery to the start-up to provide a strong starting current, in the engine operation, mainly by the generator to the power supply equipment, when the generator emits sufficient energy, the excess energy by charging to the car battery conversion into chemical energy storage, when needed ( For example, when the engine starts or the generator emits less voltage than the power supply, the electric power of the storage battery of the car is supplied with the electric equipment. When the generator failure, the car battery can be used for emergency power supply, to ensure that the car's electrical equipment (such as lighting, audio equipment, ignition system, etc.) in a short period of time. In addition, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries the car battery is a large capacity capacitor, can protect the car's electric power, playing a stable whole-car voltage function. As a kind of chemical power source, the automobile battery converts chemical energy into electric energy, and it is a kind of reversible DC power supply. For automotive batteries, it must meet the requirements of the start-up engine, that is, in the short time of the 5-10s, provide a large enough current for the vehicle starter. The starting current of the gasoline engine is 200-600a, and some diesel engine starting current reaches 1000A. This shows that the car battery in the car played a vital role.