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The Car Battery Is A DC Power Supply
Jul 01, 2017

Car battery is a car can be a normal source of power, how to avoid non-normal use to shorten the car battery life and extend the use of time I think a lot of car owners are concerned about the problem.

Under normal circumstances, the use of a car battery for 3 years or so, and the length of the battery with the weather and the owner's habits have a great relationship. Common factors that cause damage to the battery life include: air humidity, dust, corrosion, loose or too tight, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries wear and damage to the car cable. In extreme cases, these factors can cause the battery to break even more serious accidents, while the humidity and dust are often considered the culprit.

Keep the battery clean and carry out regular testing is to extend the life of the car battery battery one of the means, and the car car battery cleaning is different from the daily items, but with a rag plus cleaning oil to wipe is not enough.

In the cleaning process, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries the first need to pay attention to check the working environment is open flame, it is important to note that during the ban on smoking, when the engine is turned off should also pay attention to disconnect the battery anode and car cable connection. Because the car battery contains a lot of sulfur acid will produce flammable hydrogen, in case of fire prone to explosion risk. After that, remember to remove all items before and after the start of cleaning to avoid short circuit.

Keep the precautions after the cleaning work began, the specific steps are as follows:

1. Use a professional battery electrode brush or waste toothbrush to clean the battery positive and negative dust and corrosive. Careless hands to clean up the residue, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries be sure to wash your hands in time.

2. Apply a layer of protective film to the surface of the contact with Vaseline or Lipids.

3. Carefully check the battery, cable, beware of other factors that shorten battery life.

4. Reconnect the cables and batteries, in strict accordance with the order of the first positive and negative to prevent electric shock or damage the car's power system.

5. Finally, a full inspection, start the engine to ensure that the battery connection is normal. At this point, the car car battery a manual maintenance is completed, regular cleaning to extend the life of the car battery battery began.

The car battery is a DC power supply

Car battery is a chemical energy into electrical energy devices, are DC power supply. It has the following effect:

1, start the engine, the starter to provide a strong starting current (generally up to 200-600A).

2, when the generator overload, to assist the generator to the power supply equipment.

3, when the engine is idle, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries to the power supply equipment.

4, the car battery is a large capacity capacitor, can absorb the circuit appears Shu momentary over-voltage, can protect the car's electrical appliances.

5, when the generator voltage is higher than the lead car battery electromotive force, the part of the energy into chemical storage (charge).