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The Automobile Battery Is To Supply The Engine Electricity
Nov 03, 2017

A car battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electricity. Its role is to supply the power of the engine, when the vehicle is ready to start, the car battery will discharge to the starter to provide power, and by the starter drive flywheel, crankshaft rotation, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries so as to launch the vehicle. When the engine power supply is insufficient or does not start for the vehicle to use electrical appliances such as sound system, lighting system, etc. to provide power, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries when the engine began normal power supply, the car battery will collect and store electrical energy for future use.

Capacity is the maximum amount of energy that can be stored in a V5 vehicle battery. The retention capacity is the energy value that the car battery can provide under the current condition. The state of charge refers to how small the actual energy received by the vehicle battery is. Due to the decrease of intrinsic capacity, the loss of storage capacity can be caused by the lack of battery charge. Holding capacity is the value we really care about. The assessment of capacity is a complex matter, holding capacity is actually just a vague concept, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries because everyone is talking about holding capacity, generally does not mention at a certain discharge rate and a certain temperature of the capacity, but different discharge rate and a certain temperature of the capacity is different, but no relationship, We can also rely on the terminal voltage to determine the charging state, and then according to the natural capacity of the change in the situation, to calculate the normal temperature of the car battery capacity. The ambient temperature of substation and communication base station is close to 25, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries and under the condition of floating charge, the evaluation value of charging state is close to 100. Note。 Here I'm talking about the start voltage, not on-line measurement of the floating charge pressure.

Car battery pool is mainly composed of positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte, container, pole, diaphragm and conductive material. The different parts have the exclusive production material, realizes its function, sulfuric acid is a kind of main raw material in the electrolytic liquid of the lead sour automobile battery pool.

Concentrated sulfuric acid is transparent oil-like liquid, sulfuric acid content is 98%, water absorption is very strong, very corrupt. Combined with water can release a lot of heat, in order to be the electrolyte preparation process of certain detailed protection to avoid injury. JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries In the process of preparing the electrolyte of traction vehicle battery pool, the requirement of water is high, and the quantity of impurities in the water directly influences the quality of the battery pool. The water surface of the lead-acid car battery pool is colorless and the residue content is less than one out of 10,000. This part in the use of the need to pay attention, in the electrolysis of the time do not take the water into the concentrated sulfuric acid, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries but the thick sulfuric acid to participate in the water.

The charging method of the battery has two kinds of conventional charging and unconventional charging. Conventional charging is fixed current charging and constant voltage charging, the battery in the process of charging, with the gradual increase of battery electromotive force, gradually increase the charging voltage, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries so that its charging current constant invariant method called fixed current charge. When the table voltage of the rechargeable car battery rises to 2.4V (the electrolyte begins to bubble), the charging current is reduced by half and remains constant until the battery is fully adequate.

Fixed current charging, the rechargeable battery, whether 6V or 12V, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries can be connected together to charge, the series of batteries should be the same capacity as possible, if not the same, charging current application small capacity of the battery to calculate. Small when the capacity of the battery sufficient electricity, should be removed, and then continue to large-capacity battery charging