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Mf Car Battery Using Dilute Sulfuric Acid As Electrolyte
Jun 15, 2017

Mf car battery is the car's power, mainly used to start to the car starter and power supply equipment, are starting mf car battery. At present, the car is basically used in lead acid mf car battery, that is, using dilute sulfuric acid as the electrolyte, the electrode to participate in the electrochemical reaction of the active material for lead dioxide and lead.

In order to meet the needs of starting and electrical equipment, MF Car Battery or Car Batteries the replacement of new mf car battery, the new mf car battery capacity and rating must not be less than the original use of mf car battery low, and the replacement of mf car battery size must also be appropriate to install. Currently on the market mf car battery brand a lot, concerned about xsjiaoliu, more full car knowledge had known. Mainly Walter VARTA (formerly Delphi), ACDELCO, Panasonic (Panasonic), sailing, uniform, GS, original imported Korean rocket, soup shallow and so on. MF Car Battery or Car Batteries The manufacturers of mf car batteries also have different labels.

Automobile lead mf car battery models are in accordance with certain standards to name, in the domestic market to use the mf car battery model is mainly in accordance with national standards and Japanese standards, the German standard and the US standard named.

National standard mf car battery

To model 6-QAW-54a mf car battery as an example, as follows:

1. 6 that consists of six single cell battery, each single cell battery voltage is 2V, that is, the rated voltage of 12V;

Q for the car with mf car battery, M for the car with mf car battery, D for the car with mf car battery, MF Car Battery or Car Batteries Car battery, F said valve-controlled mf car battery;

3. A and W that mf car battery type, A said dry charge type mf car battery, W said maintenance-free mf car battery, if not marked ordinary mf car battery;

4. 54 that mf car battery rated capacity of 54Ah (fully charged mf car battery, at room temperature to 20h rate discharge current discharge 20hmf car battery output power);

5. The subscript a indicates the first improvement of the original product, MF Car Battery or Car Batteries and the name after the superscript b indicates the second improvement, and so on.


① model plus D said low-temperature start-up performance, such as 6-QA-110D.

② model plus HD said high anti-vibration type.

③ after the model that DF low-temperature anti-installed, such as 6-QA-165DF.