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Maintenance Of Automobile Battery
Jun 15, 2017

In fact, the car battery can be understood as an electric reservoir, the vehicle's start and headlamps, radios and other equipment, electricity from the car battery to draw, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries and the engine started after the generator is charged to the car battery.

Classification of automobile batteries

Car battery from the use of convenience is divided into traditional lead-acid car batteries and maintenance-free car batteries.

Lead-acid car battery is composed of positive and negative plates, partitions, shell, electrolyte and wiring pile head and other components, the discharge of the chemical reaction is dependent on the positive plate active material and negative plate active substances in the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid solution) Under the effect of which, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries the plate of the grid is made of lead-antimony alloy.

Traditional car batteries in the course of the use of the phenomenon of liquid reduction occurs, because the antimony on the grid will pollute the lead on the negative plate, resulting in excessive decomposition of water, a large number of oxygen and hydrogen from the positive and negative plates were escaped, so The electrolyte is reduced. Therefore, here the "maintenance", mainly to regularly check the car battery, open the observation port exhaust, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries found that the liquid in time to add electrolyte or distilled water.

Maintenance-free car battery is made of lead-calcium alloy, because the car battery using lead-calcium alloy to do the grid, so the amount of water generated when charging less water evaporation is low, with the shell sealed structure, the release of sulfuric acid Gas is also very small, so it compared with the traditional car battery, with no need to add any liquid, the wiring pile head, wire and body corrosion less anti-overcharge capacity, starting current, power storage time is long.

As the regulations in recent years, increasingly stringent regulations, more and more cars began to automatically start and stop the function, and because of automatic start and stop the need for frequent high-current discharge, ordinary car battery can not meet this high-strength requirements, so manufacturers Also developed the AGM type and EFB type car battery to meet the needs of automatic start and stop system.

Germany, the United States is often used cars AGM car battery, and Japan is the basic use of EFB-type car battery, AGM-type car battery as a result of poor liquid design, reducing the risk of leakage, improve the stability of low temperature, the disadvantage is that the cost High, the user later replacement costs are often more than three times the average car battery; and because the EFB-type car battery in the ordinary lead-acid battery development, compared to the cost will be lower than the AGM-type battery and high temperature, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries but Not all EFB car batteries are maintenance-free.

The choice of car battery

Due to the different suppliers, different brands, models and even different batches of vehicles equipped with the original car batteries are not the same, and the car battery model label is divided into GB, Japan JIS standard, the German DIN standard and the United States BCI Standards and other labeling methods, I believe most of the owner is also dazzling, which gives the user to replace the car battery later brought a lot of trouble, so the most simple way or by models to choose.

Now a lot of electricity providers have established a model library, enter the vehicle brand model will automatically match, and we mainly see is the voltage, battery capacity and cold start current, generally marked as 12V 75Ah 550A (or CCA).

Many car owners superstitious battery capacity, feel the bigger the better, it is not true, this is with your vehicle charging efficiency and power consumption, large capacity battery if the vehicle charging efficiency is not enough or often short and can not be filled, but easy to damage. While the cold start current but is more worthy of attention to the parameters, it is the key to determine whether your vehicle can start smoothly.

Some owners know that this is a current parameter, feeling the current is not good, in fact, this worry is redundant, because it is the maximum, and if the vehicle does not need such a large start current, it will be reduced, but if the car battery discharge Low capacity, the vehicle will not be able to start smoothly. Like an adult to promote the box, Hercules to push, no problem, and let the children to push, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries it is impossible, even if the push is also very difficult.

How to make your car battery more durable

Car battery life is generally two to three years, this point from the car battery warranty policy can also be seen, the general price according to the capacity and charge and discharge capacity of the difference between hundreds to thousands, and for start and stop function Of the car battery is priced at about one thousand to three thousand, as a wearing parts, for the vehicle is also in addition to the normal maintenance of a small sum of money, and therefore need to use the car battery to make it longer life.

Riding a battery car people know that the battery is most afraid of loss of power, or undervoltage, over-discharge will make the battery life greatly reduced. This requires us to use this process in the course of time to avoid this situation, such as prolonged flameout in the car to listen to music, forget the headlights, the ignition time is too long, or the situation can not beat the continuous start, these will let Our car battery is "very hurt".

Second, it will give the car battery full of electricity opportunities, such as running high-speed, long distance, allowing the car battery has a complete charging cycle; with automatic start and stop the function of the vehicle can be closed and run away, after all, "eat Drink enough "have the strength to work it!

In addition, the maintenance of ordinary lead-acid batteries, said to be maintenance, in fact, very simple, that is, every two or three months unscrew the car battery observation window to see if the liquid level below the lower scale line, Add distilled water or electrolyte, remember not add tap water or mineral water, because the impurities in the water is likely to react in the electrolyte, thus damaging the car battery. And maintenance-free car battery is not really do not control, or to regularly check the battery pile feet are loose, the timely cleaning of the cathode alkaline copper carbonate, to ensure good conductivity.

Say a lot of words, many online rumors of vehicles for a long time to open the car battery negative to reduce the self-discharge, which for the old car is correct, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries now the car can not do so. In fact, this is also a vendor of a "technical barriers", many luxury brands or non-luxury brand of German, the United States Department of cars, when the vehicle after the power, the vehicle radio, central locking will be locked, and must go to 4S unlock , Its purpose is to let your battery life expires after 4S to replace. However, "there is a policy under the countermeasures", many repair shops in the replacement of car batteries are used "uninterrupted" method to replace, so as to avoid such an embarrassing situation.