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Large Current Is Provided When The Car Battery Is Starting
Sep 27, 2017

Automobile battery is a kind of device that converts chemical energy into electric energy, which belongs to the supplier of reversible DC power supply. The most widely used automotive battery supplier is lead-acid vehicle battery. The main function of the engine is to power the starter and the ignition device when working.

The function of automobile battery

1, starting to provide a large current.

2, the generator output voltage is lower than the car battery voltage, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries for electrical equipment supply.

3. When the output voltage of the generator is higher than that of the car battery, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries the voltage is absorbed and the electronic components are protected.

function of Automobile battery

1. When the engine starts, power the starter and the ignition system.

2. When the engine is running at low speed, power is supplied to the electric equipment and the generator's magnetic windings. (should be avoided in application)

3. When the engine is running, the residual electric energy of the generator is converted into chemical energy storage;

4. When the generator is overloaded, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries assist the generator to power the electrical equipment

5. Automobile battery is equivalent to a large capacitor, can absorb the instantaneous overvoltage in the circuit, protect the electronic components, maintain the voltage stability of the automobile electrical system

Precautions for charging of automobile battery

1. When charging to lead-acid batteries, wear protective clothing

2. When charging, there can be no spark near the car battery, no smoking.

3, the charger voltage should not exceed 16V when charging in parallel to a plurality of automobile batteries.

4. Connect the cathode wire of the charger to the positive column of the automobile battery, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries and connect the negative wire to the negative pole of the automobile battery.

5, open the charger, set to the minimum current, and then gradually improve the current, until the car battery began to accept the current. The process may take several minutes if it is a deep-discharged car battery or a low temperature car battery.

6, if the car battery exhaust vent acid mist, or the car battery temperature of more than 52 degrees Celsius, charging that need to stop immediately, these phenomena indicate that the car battery has been damaged, need to be replaced.

7, when the current drops to 1 a below or charge more than 24 hours after the charge is completed, can stop charging.

The service life of the automobile battery is 2-3 years, the original car battery of the new car can be used more than 3 years. So if your car battery has been in use for almost two years, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries be aware that its service life may have expired. At this time should be a lot of inspection, do a good job in advance detection, find the problem early to resolve or replace, avoid the use of the car battery suddenly "Shing" caused losses.