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How A Car Battery Maintenance
Mar 29, 2017

(1) The electrolyte liquid level should always be between the Max and min, check on a monthly basis, and depending on the liquid drop, add distilled water (pure water), do not add acid.

(2) When battery voltage is low and dimly lit, starting weak should be promptly charged out of his car.

(3) To prevent battery overcharging or prolonged lack of electricity, overcharge causes the shedding of active material, lack of electricity makes plate curing, to ensure the regulator voltage too high or too low.

(4) In use, you should always check if the vents open, in case of battery deformation or bursting

(5) The battery should be kept away from heat sources and open flames, chargingand should be used to maintain it, and avoid burn hurt.

(6) To prevent battery high current discharge for a long time, start time cannot begreater than 5 seconds at a time, two consecutive start, interval 10-15 seconds.

(7) Battery installed in the car should be strong, reducing vibration.

(8) Always check battery cables are secure, all unions must maintain good contact to prevent sparks and cause battery explosion. Battery clamp-n-oxide, sulfate, andmust be blown away, and coated with Vaseline to prevent corrosion.

(9) Constantly removing battery cover of dust, dirt and spilled electrolyte, kept clean and dry to prevent self discharge.

(10) To seal cracks to be repaired.

(11) Car driving in the cold area, to avoid battery discharge completely, so as to avoid electrolyte freezing.