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Considerations For Buying Car Batteries
Mar 29, 2017

Best buy new products--Guangzhou City Administration warned consumers when buying a car battery, should confirm the specifications, dimensions, terminal location and vehicle installation and use requirements; in addition, the battery of dry charged batteries have to set the starting time requirements.

Note-car storage battery electrolyte liquid level should always be kept in the Maxand min, and check once a month, and as the liquid drop, add distilled water, do not add acid.

Prevents battery overcharging or prolonged lack of electricity – charge causes theshedding of active material, lack of electricity makes plate curing, to ensure the regulator voltage too high or too low. Prevent battery high current discharge for a long time, each time with a start time cannot be greater than 5 seconds, 10-15 seconds time interval starts two times in a row.

Prevents corrosion-oxides, sulfate-battery clamp, must scrape and coated with Vaseline to prevent further corrosion, and often removing battery cover of dust, dirt and spilled electrolyte, kept clean and dry to prevent self discharge.

-Avoid full discharge in cold regions, so as to avoid electrolyte freezing.