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Car Battery Should Pay Attention To Maintenance
Jun 02, 2017

In fact, the car battery can be understood as an electric reservoir, the vehicle's start and headlamps, radios and other equipment, electricity from the car battery to draw, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries and the engine started after the generator is charged to the car battery.

Classification of automobile batteries

Car battery from the use of convenience is divided into traditional lead-acid car batteries and maintenance-free car batteries.

Car battery warranty is generally about a year, two years can have been considered "long warranty", so the general life of the car battery will be two to three years, excellent quality, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries well maintained to use five or six years is the limit , Generally when the car battery used more than two years we have to pay more attention to its situation is good, the problem of timely replacement.

Car battery voltage is about 12V, and after starting because the generator charging, the voltage will rise to about 13-14V, many vehicles are equipped with voltage detection function, concerned about the voltage before and after the start is to determine the battery life of a good means , JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries The vehicle is not started less than 12V or less than 13V after starting should consider whether the car battery problems. In addition, many cigarette lighter to USB charging device also has a voltage detection function, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries even when the voltage is too low or too high will automatically alarm, is also very simple.

Lead-acid car battery is composed of positive and negative plates, partitions, shell, electrolyte and wiring pile head and other components, the discharge of the chemical reaction is dependent on the positive plate active material and negative plate active substances in the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid solution) Under the effect of which, the plate of the grid is made of lead-antimony alloy.

Traditional car batteries in the course of the use of the phenomenon of liquid reduction occurs, because the antimony on the grid will pollute the lead on the negative plate, resulting in excessive decomposition of water, a large number of oxygen and hydrogen from the positive and negative plates were escaped, so The electrolyte is reduced. Therefore, here the "maintenance", mainly to regularly check the car battery, open the observation port exhaust, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries found that the liquid in time to add electrolyte or distilled water.

The arrival of the summer lead to sudden increase in temperature, the highest time can reach 40 ℃, can imagine the temperature of the car engine around how high, the following for everyone to explain the car car battery in the summer is how maintenance is correct.

First, we look at the classification of car batteries. At present, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries the car car battery batteries are ordinary car car batteries, dry car car battery and maintenance-free car car battery three.

General car car battery: ordinary car battery battery plate is composed of lead and lead oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution. Its main advantage is the voltage stability, the price is cheap; the disadvantage is lower than the energy (that is, per kilogram of car battery storage of electricity), short life and frequent routine maintenance.

The main feature is the negative plate has a high storage capacity, in a completely dry state, can be saved within two years the amount of electricity received by the battery, JIS Standard Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries which is a dry charge of lead-acid car battery, The When used, just add the electrolyte, wait 20-30 minutes to use.

Maintenance-free car battery: maintenance-free car battery battery due to its own structure on the advantages of electrolyte consumption is very small, in the life of the basic need to add distilled water.

It also has a shock, high temperature, small size, small self-discharge characteristics, the service life is generally ordinary car battery battery twice.

There are two kinds of maintenance-free car batteries on the market: the first one at the time of purchase plus electrolyte, after the use of no maintenance (add the liquid): the other is the battery itself has been added when the factory electrolyte And sealed, the user simply can not add liquid.