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Car Battery Service Life
Mar 29, 2017

Battery design life expectancy was 27 months, the average family car, new car battery a lot to 3-4, but replaced after a General 2 years must be replaced. Taxi fee, asingle bus can use a dual-bus 8-10 months almost in her early years.

Several factors affect the battery life is: trucks, road conditions and driver habits

The provinces, because the motor and use new battery battery, generator and useold battery can be fully recharged, car after, especially after those two large motor-generator replacement, because these two products on the market of the original goods and refurbished goods post huge, so owners can easily do not change the original accessories, battery is easier after bad.

Regular cross-country battery easily broken, car batteries have vibration properties of a technical indicator indicates that the battery! Meet the bad battery if the work environment is often shaken, of course bad.

The battery life is generally about two years.