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Car Battery First Charge
Mar 29, 2017

All batteries have self-discharge characteristic, so when new rechargeable batteries to your hand, it may charge the self-discharge of the battery has passed througha period of time. This is the rechargeable battery has, over time, do not use of chemical raw materials, a "passive" State, unable to give full play to the chemical reaction, providing sufficient voltage. In this case, for the first time when using rechargeable batteries, be sure to charge the battery is full, the voltage is restored to the original level. In fact, if your battery is not used for a long time, and also produces the "inactivation" phenomenon and the situation would be more serious. Preferablyto 3 times the battery charge/discharge process, will help the activation of the rechargeable battery. Rechargeable batteries can give full play to the effect of chemical substances (nickel-cadmium batteries). Sometimes new rechargeable battery, put in the charger when not before full power charger will stop charging. When met this problem when you remove rechargeable battery charger, and then into the charger continue charging. This is a normal phenomenon for new rechargeable batteries are not rechargeable batteries you buy bad (nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries). In General on the charge time is not too long, up to 12 hours is sufficient, if overcharging will damage the rechargeable battery.