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Car Batteries Are Popular
Jul 25, 2017

Car dry batteries are generally colloidal maintenance-free dry batteries on the market, colloid dry battery characteristics: Advanced sealing structure, no leakage liquid, no bulging tank shell, electrolyte without concentration layer, charge acceptance ability, Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries water loss less than the ability to withstand excessive discharge, strong power to maintain power. Normal use of colloid dry battery without adding acid water, maintenance-free.

Classification and characteristics of automotive dry batteries

(1) Traditional lead-acid dry battery

Structure: Lead-acid dry battery is composed of positive and negative plates, clapboard, shell, electrolyte and wiring pile;

Principle: The chemical reaction of the discharge is based on the active substance of the cathode plate and the active substance of the negative plate in the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid solution), Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries wherein the grid frame of the plate is made of lead-antimony alloy.

Use: The traditional dry battery in the process of the use of fluid-reducing phenomenon, this is due to the barrier on the shelf antimony pollution of lead on the negative plate, Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries resulting in excessive decomposition of water, Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries a large number of oxygen and hydrogen from the positive and negative plate overflow, so that the electrolyte reduced.

(2) Maintenance-free dry battery

Structure: the maintenance-free dry cell is made of lead-calcium alloy, because the dry battery is made of lead-calcium alloy grating frame, so the charge when the amount of water decomposition, water evaporation is also low, coupled with the shell sealed structure, the release of sulfuric acid gas is very few.

Advantages: Compared with the traditional dry battery, with no need to add any liquid, on the wiring pile head, wire and body corrosion less, the ability to resist the charge, the start-up current large, Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries storage time and other advantages, has been favored in recent years.

Precautions for the use and maintenance of automotive dry batteries:

1 The power of the dry battery can be reflected on the dashboard. When the ammeter pointer shows that the battery is low, it should be recharged in time. Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries Sometimes on the road to find the power is not enough, the engine and flameout can not start, as a temporary measure to other vehicles to help, with other vehicles on the dry battery to start the vehicle, the two batteries of the cathode and the negative connection, the positive and positive connection.

2 The density of electrolyte shall be adjusted according to the standard according to different regions and seasons.

3 Check the positive and negative electrode of the battery, Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries there are no signs of oxidation, you can use hot water often pouring battery wire connection.

4 Check the parts of the circuit has no aging or short circuit, to prevent the battery because of excessive discharge and early retirement.

5 in the loss of electrolyte should be supplemented by distilled water or special rehydration, should not be replaced by drinking purified, because the pure water contains a variety of trace elements, the dry battery will cause adverse effects.

6 When starting the car, Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries the uninterrupted use of the start-up opportunity causes the dry battery to be damaged due to excessive discharge. The correct way to use it is to start the vehicle every time not more than 5 seconds, the restart interval of not less than 15 seconds. In the case of multiple start-up still not the car should be the circuit, ignition coil or oil and other aspects to find the reason.

7 The daily traffic should often check the dry battery cover of the small hole is ventilated, if the dry battery cover small hole is blocked, the resulting hydrogen and oxygen will not go out, Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries the electrolyte expansion, the dry battery shell burst, affecting the battery life.

8 dry battery For a long time, it will slowly discharge itself until scrapped. As a result, a cars should be started every other time, recharging the dry batteries. Another way is to pull off the two electrodes on the dry battery, note that the positive and negative two electrodes are removed from the electrode column to remove the cathode line, or the connection between the negative electrode and the chassis of the car, Dry Charged Car Battery or Car Batteries and then the other end with the positive sign (10).

Dry battery life is generally two years, to a certain period will be replaced. Coupled with some of the reasons for the failure to "retire" in advance, so in the examination and replacement should be timely and careful. Also note that the same order should be followed in the replacement, but when the electrode line is connected, the order is the opposite, first connecting the positive and then connecting the negative. In accordance with the correct use of maintenance methods, car batteries can be better functioning.