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Battery Battery Failure Causes And Solutions
Mar 29, 2017

1. Symptoms

(1) Vehicles start problems or fail to start

(2) The detector test results to replace battery

(3) The failure reason

Application flaws

(1) The battery life expired.

(2) Batteries often deep discharge (leakage or improper operation of vehicles such as night forgot to turn off the vehicle electrical, watch car DVD,) after failing to charge.

(3) Battery storage time or loading battery vehicles shelved indefinitely, causing deep losses, did not charge on a regular basis to maintain internal plate curing.

(4) The overshoot of battery, battery strength and use of the environment is high and cause a loss of parallel plate shedding of active material corrosion.

(5) The improper battery adapter "small horse-drawn cart".

2. Manufacturing defects

Poor joints welded metal parts within the battery or cold solder joint (the defect battery loading appears failed to start, or about three months in normal use the battery cannot be used).

3. Processing method

Recommended replacement battery