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MF DIN55 12V 55AH Car Battery

Maintenance Free MF DIN55 12V Car Battery Product Description Maintenance Free Starter Battery Typical Applications Starting battery for cars ; Buses trucks and other vehicles ; Product Description: The battery consists of high -performance paste plate ,low resistance sepatators ,high -impact...
Product Details:

 MF DIN55 12V 55AH Car Battery

Product Description

ItermMF DIN55 Car BatteryVoltage 12V
ColorOEM or ODM is available Size 240*175*190mm
Type DIN StandardCapacity (20hr)55ah 
Applications Starting battery for cars , buses ,trucks and other vehicles Warranty one year (12 months )
Usage StartingSeperator PE seperator
Flame retardant PP or RubberBrand Name Your own-brand name available


Maintenance Free Starter Battery 



  1. High Temperature Resistant ; 

  2. Greater vibration Resistant ;

  3. Low Self-discharge ;

  4. More 30% Service Battery life;

  5. Tope Quality Warrantage ;

  6. Can do OEM and ODM .

Typical Applications 

  1. Starting battery for cars ;

  2. Buses trucks and other vehicles ;

Product Description:

The battery consists of high -performance paste plate ,low resistance sepatators ,high -impact resistant polypropylene plastic tank ;

Stable performance in different temperature working environment ,low internal resistance and high starting ;

Tight assembly PP/PE separator is provided for your choice ,and reduces batteries resistance and corrosion inside for their own character;

Durable and starong material with well design constructers , it has good ventilation function and good antiexplosive charater provide greater vibration resistance;

Customer-made special dimension available (even provide brand and packaging design ),ODM.

MF Starter Battery Series 

TypeNominal Voltage (V)20HR5HRMinCold Cranking(Ampere) CCA(-18 ℃)
JIS Starter Lead Acid Car Battery
MF NS40Z12352852320
MF N4012403257350
MF NS6012453671350
MF N5012504078400
MF N50Z126048101460
MF NS70126552113540
MF NX120-70128064159640
MF N1001210080182700
MF N1201212096225840
MF N150
DIN Starter Lead Acid Car Battery 
MF DIN36123652
MF DIN45124567
MF DIN55125585
MF DIN60126094
MF DIN661266105
MF DIN751275121
MF DIN801280143
MF DIN881288150
MF DIN10012100176


  1. Always handle batteries with care ;

  2. Always store upright;

  3. Never over-fill with acid ;

  4. Always charge in a well ventilated place;

  5. Always wear eye protectionwhen handling batteries ;

  6. Wear protctive clothing if there is any rick of acid splashing.


  1. Replacement of battery shall be performed as per following order .If failed , it may cause fire and explosion .Remove cable from negative terminal first .Connect cable to negative terminal last ;

  2. When connect cable to battery , make sure not to get changed post of + and - .It may cause the damage of electronic components or fire ;

  3. When using the battery , handle with care , sulfuric acid may cause blindness or severe burn .


  1. When moving battery , be careful not to drop the battery , which is heavy , do not shake the battery with handle , if there is the handle ,it may cause the the injury ;

  2. Do not shore the battery at the following places .High temperature and humidity .Being exposed to rain ,snow ,direct sunshine.


  1. Do not use at the places near fire .Hydrogen gas generated from battery may cause fire and explosion ;

  2. This 12V battery is only for starting engine ,do not apply for other uses;

  3. Keep out of the reach of children or the personnel who do not understand the manual .It may cause blindness or severe burn ;

  4. When using the battery , wear safety glasses and rubber gloves .Sulfuric acid may cause blindness or severe burn .

Company Information 




Our customers 



Q1.What is your terms of payment ?

A1: 30% deposit in advance ,70% balance pay off against the copy of bill of loading .We'll show you the photos of the battery products and packages before you pay the balance.

Q2.Can you print my logo on the battery cover?

A2: Yes ,OEM is available , we can print your logo on the batter case ,and you can offer your logo.

Q3. How to maintain the battery ?

A3: The battery should be stored in clean ,dry , ventilated,dard environment when not using ,keep it after full charged,recharge it every 3 months or 6 months .

Q4.If a battery fails , what will be the indications ?

A4: lower performance ;Low voltage ;Cannot charge/recharge;Swelled container ; Acid corrosion .

Q5.How can you tell if a battery is good or bad ?

A5: You should first check the battery for defects such as a broken circuit , a short , or a broken container .If an outward problem is not apparent , then you will have to check the battery's capacity using known measuring techniques to ascertain the problem .

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