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12V Voltage And Maintenance Free Battery Type 12v 75ah Car Battery

12V Voltage And Maintenance Free Battery Type 12v 75ah Car Battery
High CCA , cheaper price 75ah lead acid car battery 57540MF used on cars ,buses ,trucks and other vehicles .If you are interested in please contact me .
Product Details:

12V Voltage and Maintenance free Battery Type 12v 75ah car battery

Item75ah 57540 car battery
SeperatorPP Seperator
Brand Nameyour own-brand name available
Flame retardant container PP or Rubber
Applicationsstarting battery for cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles 
CertificateISO9001,  CE,  SONCAP etc
DimensionCustom-made Special Dimension




  1.High Temperature Resistant


  2.Greater vibration resistance


  3.Low Self-discharge 


  4.More 30% Service Battery Life


  5.Top Quality Warranty  

Typical Applications


1.starting battery for cars


2.buses trucks ,


3.Mine vehicle and other vehicles; 




• Always handle batteries with care.


• Always store upright.


• Never over-fill with acid.


• Always charge in a well ventilated place.


• Always wear eye protection when handling batteries.


• Wear protective clothing if there is any rick of acid splashing



1. Do not use at the places near fire. Hydrogen gas generated from battery may cause fire and explosion.


2. This 12v battery is only for starting engine. Do not apply for other uses.


3. Keep out of the reach of children or the personnel who do not understand the manual. It may cause blindness or severe burn.


•4.When using the battery, wear safety glasses and rubber gloves.Sulfuric acid may cause blindness or severe burn.

Product Description:

1.The battery consists of high-performance paste plate,low resistance separators,high-impact resistant polypropylene plastic tank.
2.Stable performance in different temperature working environment...low internal resistance and high starting,
3.Tight assembly,PP/PE separator is provided for your choice,and reduces batteries resistance and corrosion inside for their own character.
4.Durable and strong material with well design constructers,It has good ventilation function and good anti-explosive character provide greater vibration resistance.
5.Customer-made special dimension available(even provide brand&packaging design),OEM 
--.Maintenance free calcium construction long designin 

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