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UPS battery charging issues
Mar 29, 2017

1. Float charging, please use 2.275V/table charging voltage (20 ℃ value), or 0.002CA constant voltage charge current is constant current charge. When the temperature is below 0C or above 40C, it is necessary to amend the charge voltage, starting with 20C, -3MV single cell voltages.

2. Loop charging, the charging voltage to 2.40-2.50V/table (set value of 20 ℃), constant voltage charging voltage. Temperature is below 5C, or 35 ° c when chargingabove, starting with the 20 c each change once the charging voltage regulator -4MV/table.

Charging current control in the early 0.25CA.

100-120% of the charge amount is set to discharge, but when the ambient temperature is below 5C, set to 120-130%.

Lower the temperature (5C) end of charging time longer, higher temperatures (above 35C) more prone to overcharging, particularly when recycled, charging in a 5C~30C better.

To prevent over charge to install the charge timer, or automatically convert to trickle charge mode.

When charging the battery temperature to be controlled within the range of -15C~+40C.