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Things to observe when the UPS battery is installed
Mar 29, 2017

1. Do not install batteries sealed space or near a fire, or are in danger of causing an explosion and fire.

2. Do not use vinyl film is likely to trigger the static battery cover, sometimes when you generate static electricity may cause an explosion.

3. Do not install batteries have the potential to place the water, otherwise there is the danger of electrical shock, fire,.

4. Do not exceed-40 ° C~60 ° c environmental installations.

5. Do not use the battery where there is dust, otherwise the battery may short circuit.

6. Place the batteries into the box when used, pay attention to ventilation.

7. Not sticky labels or objects down the lid, cover below the exhaust valve, produces gas in the battery will not be able to escape.

8. Parallel – the number of floating charge, the battery plug-type terminal can associate up to three columns, bolt terminals do not have special restrictions, but thenumber of parallel small reliability increased. In addition, and join the line, it is necessary to consider the connection between equivalent contact resistance of conductors and the columns, the columns for the charging and discharging batteries maintain a balanced, practical use not more than three columns.

9. At the same time using different capacity, the old and the new, different batterymanufacturers, due to its different features may cause the battery and the machinewas damaged, so please avoid using.