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Analysis of automotive batteries work
Mar 29, 2017

Batteries store power for later use. Difference of battery is made up of two conductive material and a device consisting of electrolytes. Through a series of chemical reactions, the battery can store and release electricity. In a typical lead-acid batteries, voltage of approximately 2 volts per cell, a total of 6 cells or 12 volts. When any load that requires electricity, such as broadcasting, when connected to the battery, the positive and negative ends between the posts will immediately form a circuit,which produces electricity.

Most people don't realize that charge and discharge of lead-acid battery runtime in a constant state. When a battery is connected to devices that require electricity, such as car engines, the current output from the battery. At this time, the battery starts discharging.

When the car is running generator to the battery, the battery is charging. When the battery discharge, active substances are more active on the plate. Eventually, thebattery depleted no longer output current.

Lack of electricity through DC battery charger, a battery is fully charged, ready forcharging electrical equipment.

The charge and discharge of lead-acid batteries of this unique process, means that electrical energy can be repeated is stored and released. This also is known as the cell cycle.